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Learn by speaking

Become fluent by talking with Opeton.

"Your app is a life-changer.
- Dutch learner

"Opeton helped me pass my citizenship exam."
- Soon a Finnish citizen

"So far the only language learning app that isn't useless."
- Student with 20h calls

"Finally someone I can practice speaking with!"
- German student of 5 years

"It's like a private tutor except 10x cheaper"
‍- Finnish student

"Yeah I think I'm going to stop going to courses"
- Japanese learner

Choose from over 20 languages

How does it work?

Forget grammar - conversations are what you need

Fastest way to learn a language is to practice real-life conversations. As kids, we learn our native language without flash cards and grammar books.

In all its simplicity, Opeton is an app that lets you take 2-30min calls with your AI tutor. The conversation topics range from friendly catching up to debates of specific topics. Opeton is the language buddy you need to become fluent fast.

Try, fail, and learn to speak

In order to learn to speak a new language, you need to make mistakes. Opeton is a safe place to try, fail and learn. And because the conversations are in the language you want to learn, you will make many mistakes.

However, whenever you are stuck mid-conversation, or you don't understand what Opeton is saying, you can always use English is a backup. Just like with a human tutor, you can switch to a language you know to ask for help. This way calls are always challenging, but never overwhelming.

Every conversation is different

A good teacher understands their students' language levels and motivations. The same thing is true with Opeton.

Under the hood we analyze how your conversations are going, and what topics & difficulty should your upcoming calls be. All you have to do is call Opeton, and we take care that the content is always new and exciting.

Who is it for?

Opeton is created to help people achieve language fluency. It is best suited for learners who already know how at least how to introduce themselves in the target language. The better you become, the more interesting the conversations get.

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