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“A great pressure-free complement to my other study methods.”
“Effective & convenient”
“Helped me overcome my speaking shyness”
“I use it every day now.”
“I’ve already learned more than with 3 years of Duolingo.”

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1. Learn by chatting.

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You are probably already used to messaging, which makes language learning by chatting natural and easy.

You can make learning interesting by talking about things you are into - or you can even learn about new topics, while learning the languge.

"Best conversation I've had in ages"
- Happy user

Every chat is a learning experience, as we provide you with detailed, real-time feedback.

And while chatting, you can use our translation tools to effortlessly switch between English and the language you want to learn.

"What has been most helpful is the instant feedback"
- Daily user

2. Get instant feedback

Phone with a Finnish conversation

3. Make learning
a routine

Phone with a Spanish conversation

Get daily conversation starters to keep you in the learning loop.

See how you progress through our weekly reports.

We adjust the language difficulty automatically, so that it's always a right level of a challenge for you to progress fast.

"It's so encouraging"
- Spanish student

With Opeton you can practice speaking anywhere you are.

With a mixture of voice & text messages, you improve in both the verbal and written.

Get to a language level on which you feel comfortable, so that you can use the language in real life.

"Opeton helped me overcome my speaking shyness"
- Finnish student

4. Become a confident speaker

Phone with voice messages

One tutor for all learners

Beginners & pros

Opeton helps you progress, regardless of your starting level.

Students ranging from level A1 to C2 use Opeton to get better.

Exam preppers

Opeton is a great tool when studying for language tests.

Use Opeton as homework correction or to generate exercises.


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