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Learn Finnish by chatting
with natives

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What is Opeton?

Opeton is a chat service, through which you can talk to native Finns on a daily basis.

Learning a new language requires daily exposure to it, and with Opeton, you'll be able to practice your Finnish daily.

Instead of learning meaningless phrases by heart, starting from day one you will be communicating about real things: news, your work, hobbies, life.

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Why does it work?

Languages are learned best when they are part of your daily routine. In order to become fluent, you need to keep using the language frequently.

Should I do this instead of language lessons?

Ideally you would do both, but Opeton exists because language lessons alone rarely work, due to two reasons:

First, many courses focus on grammar. Understanding grammar can be useful, but if the goal is to become fluent, no amount of theory will help you gain the intuition. Learning a language is like learning how to ride a bike, not mathematics.

Second, even though interactive hands-on lessons are great, it's often not feasible to have a lesson every day. It either costs a lot, or there's simply not enough time/motivation to have a lesson every day.

Opeton has a different approach, and if you aim to become fluent sooner than later, you should maximize time spent actually using the language.

How much does it cost & what does it include?

The service costs 15€/month (incl. VAT), and includes unlimited chatting with Opeton teachers on weekdays.

Want to buy this service for your employees?

Reach out to to hear more about our partnerships.

What languages can I learn?

Currently, we only offer the service in Finnish.

What messaging platform does Opeton use?

Telegram, Whatsap, or Signal (your choice).

Can I ask grammar-related things in the chat?

Of course!

Can I also book language lessons?

Sure! Reach us out at and ask for more details.